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For financial reasons, I have decided to STOP FURTHER DEVELOPING my site. Going forward, I will be promoting another resource at a lower cost to me. Of course, I have gained useful experience and intend to use it to improve the quality of content and interest for all its visitors. Email me with your wishes and questions. E-Mail:

The resource will end its activities after 10.10.2022

ABORIGEN of Sakhalin



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По финансовым соображениям я принял решение ПРЕКРАТИТЬ дальнейшее РАЗВИТИЕ своего сайта. В дальнейшем я буду продвигать другой ресурс с меньшими затратами для меня. Разумеется, я набрался полезного опыта и предполагаю использовать его для повышения качества контента и интереса для всех его посетителей.

Ресурс закончит свою деятельность после 10.10.2022

Пишите мне на E-Mail свои пожелания.


АБОРИГЕН Сахалинский


Любить Природу, значит - заботиться о ней. Защищать и уважать. Человек с детства связан с природой. Именно она делают нашу жизнь здоровой и яркой. Любить природу, значит беречь её...

To love the Nature, means - to care for it. To protect and respec The person since the childhood is connected with the nature. She do our life healthy and bright. To love the nature, means to protect it... This website is created for all fans of fishing and hunting, a car of tourists and adventurers who look for the high and the real adrenaline from trophy fishing and hunting, a hike or alloy on rough or the flat taiga small river... Perhaps a practical advice at meetings with forest and sea inhabitants, features of trophy fishing on a taimen will be useful to someone and a pike, also many kinds of a salmon. Willingly we will help to plan and organize a route interesting to a car across Europe, Siberia or the Far East. If someone wants to master elements of nakhlystovy fishing of , Pacific smelts and other winter fishing, we will also try to help you with it. Here everyone will find useful tips on a selection of stock and tackles for any kind of fishing, hunting, a hike or rafting on the taiga river...

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